Magnus Killian

A dashingly handsome gay warrior from the feral world D'nalkao


6’2", 170 lbs, gay


Magnus Killian was born on an imperium hive world. Impoverished, he joined the Imperial Guard as soon as he was able. He led a surprisingly long career as a Guardsman. While fighting orks on the feral world D’nalkao, he was critically wounded and left for dead as his squadron retreated. Magnus was captured by a native Xenos tribe, the In’gag. After 8 years in captivity, the Inquisition came to D’nalkao, hearing rumors of chaos worship. The Inquisition quickly found Magnus. There was no chaos, but Magnus helped the Inquisition eliminate the tribe. The In’gag were swiftly wiped out, and Magnus was rescued. Impressed with his fighting abilities and strength, Inquisitor Octavus added Magnus to his group of henchmen.

Magnus Killian

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